Top 10 reasons to book a Hostel

Stay in a hostel can be a great experience! Top 10 reasons to book a Hostel.

1- Value For Money
This one is obvious, but yes hostels are very affordable, especially for solo travellers.Why spend money on a hotel room or in B&B when you’re only going to sleep there. You’ll be out exploring majority of the time anyway..

2- Social Activities
Hostels are fun! Each offer a range of activities from nightly bar crawls to beach days. This makes it really easy to make friends. For those that would rather stay in, expect to get dragged into some event or in a long night chatting together.

3- Making new Friends
Is that true, sometimes the friends you make in a hostel are the ones you’ll have for a long, long time. You’ll be grateful that you were put in that dormitory with other people. Hostels attract like-minded individuals, which makes it super easy to interact. If you’re quiet or shy, Hostelling is the type of experience that builds confidence and resilience. People don’t discriminate. You’re all there together. There’s something special about making friends in a hostel, 3 intense days feel like 3 years.

4- Kitchens and social rooms
A huge plus is that most hostels have fully equipped kitchens. Not only is this great for saving money, but it’s a super social place where you can interact with fellow travellers. Some hostels have their own restaurants, others make evening dinners and most offer breakfasts.

5- Staff
The staff at hostels are friendly and welcoming. As well as super knowledgeable about their city. They will happily tell you the most delicious places to eat, coolest bars to grab a drink and best spots to visit on your stay. Don’t be surprised if they invite you up for grabbing a beer with you after they’ve left in the shift.

6- Facilities
Hostels have come a long way in the past few years. Good hostels offer great facilities. From functionality to modern design, TV’s, movie event, play board, computers, rooftop bars, nightclubs, bikes, pool, all and much more than the comforts of your home.

7- Location
Hostels are usually in central locations or close to the attractions you want to see. Doing some research will ensure you end up in the ideal place, whether it’s beachside or city centre. Another plus is that hostels know the local operators and can help you book day trips and tours, or some even offer their own.

8- Laundry
This is very important. You don’t want to be that guy. Hostels usually offer washing facilities at reasonable prices. There’s nothing more satisfying than a suitcase full of clean clothes when you’re on the road.

9- Feeling like in a home
Hostels have a warm and inviting vibe. It really feels like a home away from home, which is perfect for those homesick days. Sharing a room with other people means you’re never really lonely. There’s a comfort knowing you’re close to others. Your roommates are doing the same thing you are, and will empathise with you. You’ll build a temporary family

10- You´ll learn new things
You’ll learn about yourself, You’ll learn how to interact with almost anyone. You’ll learn how to live on a budget, you'll learn About not needing material things. You’ll learn that appearances mean very little and it’s actually the way someone makes you feel that is important. You’ll learn about other cultures and maybe even another language.
It’s simple things, but with a great value, you'll learn...