How to reach Agrigento from Ragusa

If you are travelling around Sicily and from Ragusa you want to reach Agrigento you have to follow these simple steps.

First of all, from Ragusa you have to take the train to Licata or Gela. Remember that you have to wait a little bit in one of the two villages and Sanvito Hostel's tip is to stop in Licata, because there are more buses to reach Agrigento. The bus company that organize the service is SAL and here you can find the bus schedule.

Remember that this option is really good, if you're planning to travel between Monday and Friday. On Saturday, the only train that stop in Licata, is the one at 8 a.m. On Sunday, the only way to reach Agrigento from Ragusa is to take the bus to Catania Airport and then to Agrigento.

Therefore if you're planning your trip to Sicily, be sure to include the town of Ragusa in your road trip, a marvellous stop between Siracusa and Agrigento, where you can enjoy the incredibile baroque buildings and the stunning nature around the town.

Book your stay in Ragusa at Sanvito Hostel and we will happy to give you all the tips for an incredible Sicilian experience.