History of an Hotel

History of SanVito History
The building was constructed as Hotel Trinacria in the early twentieth century and was designed in Art Noveau style, which was a strong trend at the time and very popular also on this side of Sicily.
It overlooks the Santa Domenica valley and from its terraces you’ll be able to admire the stunning views below. We’ve learned Marco Di Natale built the house in the 30s and lived in the building with his family straight after it had been constructed.
They managed the property until the Second World War, when the German forces took possession of the entire building to establish their headquarters. After the end of the war, the building was turned back into a hotel and was shut for good only in the mid-60s.
After years of inactivity, Ragusa Council decided to restore the building maintaining its original architectural elements and style. Starting from 2017, it will be again a place where visitors can enjoy Ragusa from as the Di Natale family had originally dreamed of.
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